Do You Want To Make Money As An Author on Kindle?

money as an author, an author on kindle, marketing your kindle book, author on kindle, become the bestsellerThe old adage says that ‘everyone has a book within them’ and perhaps it’s true? Whether you are full of creativity and can write incredible fiction, have overcome adversity and have a lesson you can share with the world or you are an expert in a field and can write a great ‘how to’ book, the world of published authorship is wide open to you thanks to Kindle Direct Publishing.

Kindle Direct Publishing allows anyone to create and publish their own book on the Kindle network. It is so super easy and for many aspiring writers it has made the possibility of fulfilling a lifelong dream or publishing a book possible. But here’s the problem, anyone can become a published author on Kindle and many, many people have! The market is over-saturated and you are going to have to work really hard to stand out.

If you have a great book but you can only see if it you scroll to page 63 on the Kindle search results page, then guess what, you’re not going to make a lot of money. Sales are going to depend on where you rank on a search results page and how many positive reviews and star ratings you have received. You can boost this by making your product the most relevant result for that search term by doing a little research.

money as an author, an author on kindle, marketing your kindle book, author on kindle, become the bestsellerGetting Ranked on Kindle

If you have a book that you want to publish you have to find a spot on the market where you can realistically compete in, ie the search results do not return massive numbers for a particular search term. Or if you don’t have a book already, you will want to look for a spot in the market where, again the search results do not return massive numbers for a particular search term, so you can identify what might be a profitable niche and write a book targeted at that market. You need to find your own little space in Kindle and work to become the bestseller in that category. Look at the Amazon categories at the side of the page and see how granular you can get. Find that spot then work on owning it!

Keep a note of the search terms you are using for your research as you are going to need them for your Kindle keywords. When you are submitting your book for publishing, you are allowed to include seven keywords that Amazon uses to determine how relevant your book is for a user’s search. You do not want to use your book’s title or author name in this field. Amazon already has that info and will include it in the search results. Instead use five of your keywords for the search terms you used in your research to bring up a list of results that are relevant for your book and you think you can compete in.
money as an author, an author on kindle, marketing your kindle book, author on kindle, become the bestseller
For the other two keywords you want to use the names of the niche categories you want to become the bestseller in. You will notice that when you are submitting your book, you are allowed to select two categories for your book but your options are limited to very broad categories compared to the niche categories you were able to whittle down to in your research. In order to boost your chance of becoming a bestseller in these categories you want to include these as your final two keywords.

Next you will want to use these seven keywords in your description, without keyword stuffing, to boost your relevancy score. Kindle has strict policies for publishing so you want to become very familiar with them to avoid any problems down the line. Using terms such as ‘best’ or common mis-spellings of a keyword would not be permitted.

Marketing Your Kindle Book

You will want to create an author page and take advantage of the KDP Select program where available. But the big thing you need is positive reviews and star ratings. When someone looks at your book they need the reassurance that other people have bought it and enjoyed it. The book with the most positive reviews will defeat the one without anything every single time. But how can you get positive reviews if no-one can find your book to read it and review it? You can ask friends to purchase your book and leave a positive review, make use of Amazon Ads with KDP Select or become part of a membership club who work together to help promote each other’s books.
money as an author, an author on kindle, marketing your kindle book, author on kindle, become the bestseller
But when it comes to marketing your Kindle book, I think you have to really make a decision about what your goals are. Do you enjoy writing as a hobby, want to make some extra cash or do you want to make a business out of Kindle? Depending on where you want to fit into on that scale will depend on how much time and money you should spend on marketing your book. Some people make a great living from Kindle, others make nothing. Some pour their heart and soul into crafting a book, others outsource writing and churn out low quality books and don’t care if they are packed with errors. Some write a ‘how to guide’ based on something they know about or are passionate about, others just look for a niche with low competition, spend some time researching the topic online or outsource it elsewhere then publish a book from that.

Now I’m not saying any of these business models are right or wrong, what I am saying is you have to be realistic about competing in an over-saturated market, be clear about your goals, what you want to achieve, what your budget is, how much do you want to make and how much time do you have? If you’re not that bothered about making money and just want a hobby, are happy just to have a book published or just want to try it out before making a commitment then great – it’s really easy to do. But if you do want to turn it into a business and make an income from Kindle, you are probably best investing in good training and membership clubs otherwise you could waste a lot of time and money messing about without getting any real results.

Help To Turn Your Kindle Book Into A Business

If you are ready to create a business and earn a proper income from Kindle then popular programs to try out are:

Kindle Money Mastery

Freedom Self Publishing

Kindle Autopilot

7 Day eBook

Bestseller Ranking Pro

TOP TIP: You can take a free trial of all of these programs.  They all come with a moneyback guarantee so check the terms, sign up and if you don’t want to continue with the program at the end of the time period in the terms then you can walk away and get your money back to try out something else.


money as an author, an author on kindle, marketing your kindle book, author on kindle, become the bestseller

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