Five Tips To Get You Unstuck!

We all have times when we just hit a brick wall and cannot get unstuck. We have no creative juice left in the tank. Our mind goes blank and we just can’t figure out what step to take next. And of course it always happens at the worse time!  You’re up against a deadline, your boss is breathing down your neck, people are relying on you to produce something amazing but you got nothing!Stuck-Dog
We’ve all been there. So, to help you out we’ve compiled Five Great Tips to get you unstuck and back in the groove again:
  1. Take a massive step back.  Take a deep breath, go for a walk, hit the gym, have a nap, take a bath, watch a move, do something that takes you away from your project.  You need to clear your mind, revitalize your energy so you can look at the problem with a fresh pair of eyes.
  2. Go over everything you have already done. Do you like it?  Is it meeting your objectives?  If not get rid of it.  Get comfortable with letting things go.  Don’t attach an emotional value to an idea.  Get someone to brainstorm with and allow them to dislike your ideas without taking it as a personal criticism.  Be open to new suggestions.
  3. Study.  Look at what other people have done to achieve the same goal you are trying for.  What ideas can you get from their projects?  Look at the leaders in your field or even outside of your field.  Think of people who inspire you.  Read their autobiographies and model the thought processes and strategies that led them to be successful.
  4. Know what milestones you have to cover to get from A to B without worrying about the minuscule details for now. Break things down into small chunks, then even smaller chucks again.  Focus one thing at a time. Focus on achieving small results and watch them snowball, creating momentum and getting you unstuck.
  5. Take action.  Don’t sit and wait for something perfect to happen. Start something, anything.  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.  It’s easier to look at something you have created and find ways to improve it than just stare at a blank piece of paper for days waiting for divine inspiration!
I hope this helps unstick you and get you going again.  Let us know what tips you have for getting unstuck.

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