Good Logo Design Tips

good logo design tips, effective logos, design logo tips, designing logo tips, free logo design toolEffective logos are crucial to establishing a brand’s identity. It is the point of reference your customers will use to determine who you are, what you do and if they like you. Your logo is something that you will have around you for the lifetime of your business so you need to get it right.

Classic logos may be emblems, letterforms, text or images but whatever it is, a logo has to have meaning and has to tell the story of your company in a concise visual way. It must be simple enough that it can be easily recognized, unique enough to stand out from the crowd and versatile enough to be applied to different mediums, applications and situations. It has to stand the test of time, be memorable and be relevant to your business. That said, the Apple logo ticks all these boxes but has nothing to do with computers and yet is a successful, instantly recognizable logo due to it’s uniqueness. Originality counts!

Designing Logo Tips – Concept

A logo is the introduction to your brand and as with all first impressions, people will have a gut, emotional response. You have to think what you want that to be and how you can represent that visually. Who are you targeting, what are their likes and dislikes, what would they expect from a company like yours? What mood do you want to create, emotion to provoke, action to take, ideology to aspire to? What does that look like? Gather all these words and find images to create a mood board that will help to inspire you and keep your imagination on the right track.

Remember logo design is not about how well you can draw but how well you can communicate an emotion visually. How does a logo that is well proportioned and symmetrical feel compared to an opposite random, unbalanced design? What emotion best suits your client base? What difference do straight lines make compared to curves? These are all things designers will contemplate. Think of the Nike swoosh. Now you wouldn’t exactly hang it in an art gallery but it is able to communicate something about the company without using any words. The shape tells it’s story. Practice with logos such as these and write down everything it is making you feel and think so you can apply that skill to your design. Importantly notice how logo design can be innovative while at the same time having a very simple design.

good logo design tips, effective logos, design logo tips, designing logo tips, free logo design toolDesigning Logo Tips – Color

What about color? Choosing the right color for your logo is more important than you might realize. Scientific research has shown that the brain responds differently to different colors which is why designers agonize over getting just the right hue, tone or shade for a logo.

Quick guide to color:

– Black: credible and powerful
– White: simple, clean, pure
– Blue: professional, medical, tranquil, trustworthy
– Purple: spiritual, wise, evocative
– Pink: fun and flirty
– Red: energetic, sexy, bold
– Orange: creative, friendly, youthful
– Yellow: sunny, inventive, optimism
– Green: growth, organic, instructional
– Brown: rural, historical, steady

Remember that not only are you going to have to pick the perfect color, but you are also going to have to create a design that will look just as good in black and white. Think about how you can use negative space to aid you such as the arrow in the FedEx logo. Your logo must be versatile enough so you can use it on many different applications and mediums. It has to look as great on a giant billboard as it does on the company letterhead. Be creative but don’t box yourself into a corner either with a design that will have limitations or excessive printing costs due to you selecting five different colors in your design. Simple, simple simple!

Designing Logo Tips – Text

Your company name may or may not form part of the logo, for example think of the Coca-Cola logo, but at some point they will be shown together. So even if you are not including your company name in the logo design, you still need to ensure that they fit together nicely and don’t look in anyway odd. You will need to decide on the typeset for your company name and stick to it in the same way you will need to stick to your logo, so take the time to get it right.

Designing Logo Tips – Process

To start to put together your logo you will need to do some research. You’ll want to look at what makes the best logo designs so good, what are your competitors doing and what are the current trends. You will want to brainstorm, create your mood board and sketch many different designs. Get feedback from friends or customers and note what they say and feel with regard to your logo ideas. Decide what you want to keep, what you want to bin and what you want to revise. Put it out for feedback again and repeat and repeat until you have a shortlist. Then you’ll need to leave it, walk away and return to it after a few days to see if you still like what you have. Probably go through the whole process a few more times until you can settle on a design that you love – phew!

If you are naturally creative you may love this process and really enjoy immersing yourself in it. If you are not creative then outsource it. It’s your company’s logo, it is so important to your brand and you’ll have to live with it for years so don’t do a shoddy job of it. It’s not expensive to get a logo designed and it will save you a lot of time and effort trying to be brilliant at something you’re not. Know your strengths and outsource your weakness.

Designing Logo Tips – Get Help

good logo design tips, effective logos, design logo tips, designing logo tips, free logo design toolThere are many, many online services to help you with logo design. We like LogoGarden because you can get the best of both worlds. They have a free to use design tool and a paid for designer service. With the free logo design tool you can design and download a logo in minutes. Or with the paid for service, their logo design team will create a professionally finished logo design, you can make revisions to get it just right and they will provide you with high quality files for printing or for the web. They can also help you create promotional materials such as business cards, t-shirts and websites with your new logo. It’s really inexpensive, much cheaper than you might think. You get your design done in one business day and you have a money back guarantee so there’s no risk. You can view the millions of logos they’ve created for other companies, their customers love them and their customer service is fantastic. It’s the ideal solution for any new business. Make your life easy and check them out for free today!


good logo design tips, effective logos, design logo tips, designing logo tips, free logo design tool

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