Why Are Wealthy People Wealthy?

Why are some people wealthy while the rest of us are poor?

It’s not fair!  You work hard and do everything you’re supposed to do but you still struggle to make your paycheck stretch to the end of the month.  Disposable income? What’s that!  Do you feel you are working for you or for the bank because they seem to get all your money!  How did you get here and how do you get out?

It’s not your fault.  We are told from the time we can listen that you go to school, you get good grades so you can get a good job to buy a house and that’s what good boys and good girls do.  Maybe, but that’s not what wealthy people do.

Why Are Wealthy People Wealthy

Wealthy people go to school to get good networking opportunities, to get good jobs that will fund their own businesses, that will then fund their investment portfolios to build a critical mass of capital to generate enough interest to give them an income and that’s what they live off.

Why Are Wealthy People Wealthy

That’s how you create financial freedom? Why didn’t someone tell us that’s what your supposed to do!  All this time you’ve been slaving away waiting for someone to notice how wonderful you are and give you the promotion you deserve and that extra $100 in you salary, when you should have been building a money making machine.

Financial independence means you don’t have to work.  If you work, you do so because you want to.  In order to achieve this you must first spend less than you earn and invest the difference.  If you have already cut out non-essential expenses and really cannot reduce the amount you’re spending any more then you have to increase the amount you are earning.  If someone else controls how much you earn, when you get promoted, what sort of bonus you get, then you will never be financially independent.  You are always going to have to rely on what someone else is prepared to give you.

Why Are Wealthy People Wealthy

The only true way to achieve financial freedom is to write your own paycheck.  85% of millionaires are self-made.  Being an entrepreneur is hard, that’s why the majority of people don’t do it.  Entrepreneurs make the decision to hustle 24/7 for themselves rather than slave 9-5 for someone else and they do so because it’s worth it.  They invest in themselves, their business and their future through sound investments that generate enough income for so they never HAVE to work, they do so because they love what they do.  If you love the idea of going to work for pure pleasure then perhaps it’s time for you to step out of the ordinary and do something extraordinary.

It’s time to start your own business!


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