How To Make Money With Niche Marketing

make money with niche, how to make money, money with niche marketing, make money online, niche marketingEveryone wants to make money online, quit their job and kick back on a tropical beach while the money just pours in! Ah – sounds good! The reality is that achieving that lifestyle is not going to happen overnight, or within a month, six months, or even a year. Building a business online that gives you a residual income, without you having to spend hours a day slaving over a laptop, takes time. It can be done but it takes patience, resilience and an unbreakable will to succeed.

Most people quit before putting in the hard yards, proclaim it’s all a scam, then go back to the job they hate and remain utterly miserable.  The big secret they don’t realize is that to make money online you need to have multiple streams of income. You need to build your business up, layer by layer. You will not make money with one thing, one product or one method, you need multiple sources that together give you the results you want. Enter – Niche Marketing!

What Is Niche Marketing?

Niche Marketing is great because you don’t need any money to get started.  It’s about finding tiny, tiny spots on the web where there is a demand for a product, but it’s so obscure that there is practically no competition. So something like ’embroidered dog collars’. Now this might seem like a silly example but on average 2,900 people search for exactly that term on Google each month and only has 47,100 results for that exact term. This tells us there is demand but low competition. Therefore if you can get a product and create a campaign around that exact phrase, then you can own that niche. (Hmm… this is actually quite a good niche. Maybe I shouldn’t give it away and just keep it for myself?) Anyway….

How Do You Make Money Through Niche Marketing?

make money with niche, how to make money, money with niche marketing, make money online, niche marketing You make money through leveraging SEO to become the number one search result for that term so you get the majority market share – therefore the most sales and most money from that niche. To do that you need to do some research obviously, to find these niches and the keyword phrases that people would enter to find that niche. You need a product, either your own or through an affiliate network such a Clickbank. Then you create a micro-site (free sites work fine) around that product or keyword so that Google ranks you as the most relevant search result for that exact search term.

Now this one site won’t make you a millionaire but it doesn’t have to. It will probably only take you anything from a few hours to a day to get this site up and running from start to finish so you get this site up and running then build another one, and another and another. Now lets deal with really, really low numbers. Say over the course of a month you create 10 sites, each site makes you $10 a month, you’ve just made $100 per month which is $1200 per year. Now these numbers are really low but you get the idea. Now imagine you have 20 site, 50 sites, 100 sites! Imagine each site is not making you $10 per month but $50, $100, $500….! Ah – now you see!

The people who are making money through niche marketing have hundreds if not thousands of these niche micro-sites that consistently bring them in money month after month. When they flash their income online they don’t tell you that, but that’s how they are getting those numbers. And they are right, you can do it too but you have to be prepared to create a huge amount of sites and be patient enough to give Google time to do it’s thing and move you up to the number one ranked position.

How Do I Get Started With Niche Marketing?

If every night after you come home from work you spent a few hours creating a niche site, then at the end of the month you would have 30 sites! Or if every weekend you committed to putting out 2 sites. Imagine how quickly that would snowball? If you are prepared to put in the work to get your sites out and patient enough to wait for them to start bringing in sales, then you can become a successful niche marketer.

The best person to learn from is George Brown and his Google Sniper system. A lot of people might say it’s all a scam and it has a bit of the ‘get rich quick’ feel to it but honestly, in terms of content it is fantastic. You will learn a lot about SEO techniques that will stand you in good stead throughout your online career. His system is really easy to learn and it will fast-track you through all the niche marketing dos and don’ts so you can get sites that will make you money out fast. It’s also really inexpensive and if you don’t get the results you want then just get a refund. It’s one of those nothing to lose and everything to gain opportunities that you really should take advantage of.


make money with niche, how to make money, money with niche marketing, make money online, niche marketing


make money with niche, how to make money, money with niche marketing, make money online, niche marketing

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