Top 5 Tips For Not Sabotaging Your Own Business Dreams

sabotaging your own business, your own business dreams, your, business dreams, own business dreams, business dreamsYou have a dream about starting your own business but you just cannot seem to get there.

You have too much to do and feel exhausted all the time. You’re maybe working full time outside the home or even if you are able to work on your business full time, the reality of making ends meet from your business can be really hard and frustrating. Many people in their desperation to make some money to fund a business around their passion, will deviate from the business they are passionate about and start something else in order to get ahead but end up spending all their time working on something they really hate.

It’s really hard to get your business dreams in gear. There is money to be made from low hanging fruit in the online space that if you can grab some, will bridge the gap until your ‘real business’ starts generating an income. Our recent article on How To Make Money With Niche Marketing is a prime example. But if you don’t get the balance right you can easily get stuck building a business you don’t really care about while neglecting the business you love. Without realizing it you are pushing your dreams further and further away.

So how do you ensure you are not sabotaging your own dreams in a bid to keep the lights on? Here’s our top five tips to get you on the right track:

Tip One: Your Lack of a Proper ‘Why?’ is Sabotaging Your Own Business Dreams

Your Why. Remember what our old pal Simon Sinek teaches us, ‘people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.’ Why are you wanting to get into business, and I don’t mean money? What do you want to bring to the world? What can you do to improve people’s lives? How is your business going to serve a need? You have to be really clear about your why as that is the driving force behind your business. If it’s messy and vague then your future success will be messy and vague. Get crystal clear on your business why and let that permeate into everything you do. From writing a blog to filling up the paper tray on your printer, everything you do, tell yourself this is getting me closer to achieving my dream. Really condition your mind into adopting that way of thinking so that Jobs To Fund Your Online Business, are just that. They are a means of getting you closer to achieving your goals and dreams and not a distraction.

Tip Two: Your Use of Your Time is Sabotaging Your Own Business Dreams

sabotaging your own business, your own business dreams, your, business dreams, own business dreams, business dreamsYour Time. If you are not dedicating time to building your dream then you are simply spending time building someone else’s dream. Stop it. Yes, you may have to go out to work, have caring responsibilities or need to expand your online business income streams to fund your business, but if you are not ring-fencing some time to work on your dream then you will never achieve it. You must book time for yourself to work on your business and no matter what, you keep that appointment with yourself.  You don’t allow anything or anyone to take it from you. You tell your kids, your partner, your dog that during these hours you are not to be disturbed. Even if your brain feels like mush after a hectic week and you think there’s no way you can concentrate, you still take your time and you sit and mediate on your ideas. That time is time for your business and that is that, no substitutions, no compromises.

Tip Three: Your Brain is Sabotaging Your Own Business Dreams

Your Brain. Your brain (most of the time) does what you tell it to. Your thoughts determine how you feel and you control your thoughts, therefore you control how you feel. Your thoughts create the energy that surrounds you and determines your mindset. Think about anytime when you’ve walked into a room of people where they all hate each other and how tense it feels or when you walk into a room where everyone is having fun and how the air feels so much lighter. The thoughts of the people create the energy within the room so without anyone ever having to say anything, you can get a sense of how everyone is feeling. So in terms of not sabotaging your own business dreams, if you’re thinking ‘oh no, I have all this work to do and I don’t want to do it’ you drop a whole load of negative energy onto whatever task you are doing.  Your potential customers will sense that, go somewhere else where the vibes are more positive so you have effectively wasted your time and now feel even worse. People are attracted to positive energy so whatever it is you are doing, whether it’s your ‘means to an end business’ or your business you are passionate about, you have to pour positive energy into it for you to get the results you want, and you do that by being disciplined with your thoughts and not letting unhelpful brain chatter create negative energy.

Tip Four: Not Utilizing Your Skills Effectively is Sabotaging Your Own Business Dreams

sabotaging your own business, your own business dreams, your, business dreams, own business dreams, business dreamsYour Skills. You cannot be amazing at everything. You will have strengths and you will have weakness. Being a good leader in your life and in your own business means identifying what those are. Then you must build on your strengths because these are the things you can do best and what make you and your business unique and awesome, and simply outsource your weaknesses. Time is money and you will need to balance the cost of having someone else do something for you, such as designing a logo for your brand, vs the cost of the time it will take you away from your income producing activities to learn not only how to design your logo, but design it as well as a professional would. That’s crazy. However, what is not crazy is personal development. You have to be a constant student of your game. You have to be constantly reading, learning and gaining new insights otherwise your business will not grow or even stay still, it will stagnate. Investing in yourself is as important, if not more important, than investing in any piece of equipment. Our Latest Offers page will help you out with courses and services.

Tip Five: You Are Sabotaging Your Own Business Dreams

Your Self. This is the hard one. You are the boss of your own company so be honest, based on your performance, commitment and attitude, would you hire or fire you? Oooh! Do you do what you say you are going to do? Do you always turn up to work either on time or at all? Does you attitude enhance or inhibit the future growth of your business? You need to hold yourself to account and reflect on your own behavior – no-one else is going to. You’re the boss and you have a responsibility to make the business profitable in order to pay you, the employee. If you are holding the business back, you need to give yourself a talking to and get a plan together that puts you back on track.

sabotaging your own business, your own business dreams, your, business dreams, own business dreams, business dreamsBeing an Entrepreneur is so hard. Part of the process that you need to go through in order to be successful is breaking through the excuses that are holding you back and sabotaging your business dreams. That doesn’t mean your excuses are not valid, they most likely are, but if you want to be a successful entrepreneur you have to focus on figuring out a way around them rather then let them prevent you from achieving your goals. That’s the dividing line between success and failure.

Turning your business dreams into a reality is a long, painful but totally worthwhile process. Even if you are a total genius, you more than likely are not going to succeed on your first attempt, that’s normal. But there is nothing else for it other than picking yourself up and trying again and again until you find a way to shake off the habits and behaviors that don’t serve you so you can overcome your challenges.

Remember, you only fail if you quit. Success is a decision – decide to succeed.



sabotaging your own business, your own business dreams, your, business dreams, own business dreams, business dreams

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