Top Ten Online Jobs To Fund Your Online Business

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How to Make Money From Home

Building a successful, sustainable, secure business takes time. There is no such thing as a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. They never work so don’t even entertain them as a viable way to build a business or give yourself financial freedom. It’s like basing your future security on winning the lotto! Instead you want to find a way to bring in enough money to keep the lights on until you can earn a proper income from your business.

For this reason you may not want to quit your job before you are ready to. It’s a hard balance. Having enough time to work on your business to get it off the ground, but still having to work elsewhere so you have enough money coming in to live. A ‘work from home job’ maybe the solution for you. Let us show you how to take advantage of one of the many online jobs that you can do from home whilst you work building your business.


Here’s Our Top Ten Ways To Earn Extra Money With Online Jobs

  1. Virtual Assistant – Everyone is always looking for an extra pair of hands. As a virtual assistant you would work for another online entrepreneur performing a variety of tasks such as updating their social media.
  2. Proof Reader – If you have an eye for detail and a firm grasp of spelling and grammar, you could earn money proof-reading eBooks other people have written.
  3. Web Designer – Can you design websites? If so you can make money designing websites for other people.
  4. Tutor – Do you have specialist knowledge in a particular area? Your services could be valuable to someone else looking to learn a particular skill.
  5. Translator – Do you have more than one language? Translators are highly sought after and you can make money using your language skills
  6. Surveys – Make extra money selling your opinions to market research companies. Completing online surveys for money is a great way to make some extra cash from home.
  7. Data Inputting – People are always looking to pay for people to do time-consuming jobs such as data inputting. You can earn money doing jobs just like these.
  8. Copy Writing – Are you a good writer? If so, you can make money writing articles and eBooks for other people.
  9. Voice Artist – Do you have a good voice and proper recording equipment? If so, there is a lot of money to be made doing voice overs for people’s online videos or audio books.
  10. Photography – If you are a keen photographer, you can sell your photos, royalty-free, to one of the many stock photo sites.

Unless you are a specialist in one of these fields and really pursue it as a business model, none of these online jobs will make you particularly wealthy, but they can make you enough to cover your living costs whilst you build your business empire!

To get started you might want to check out exchanges such as Fiverr and Upwork. See what services are available, what services people are looking for, how much they are charging for them and then how you can make money from your own unique skills.

Go to Udemy and see what the top selling courses are. What do people want to learn and what can you teach them? Find gaps and opportunities where there is a demand for a course but the competition isn’t so fierce that you can’t make an impact.

Or if surveys for money appeal to you, the easiest way to get started is to go to one of the big membership sites like Paid Surveys at Home. You’ll pay a small fee to join but you will get access to a whole directory of companies, survey opportunities and expert guidance on how to actually make money from surveys. Otherwise you might end up spending hours and hours on the wrong surveys and only get pennies for all your efforts.

Whatever you decide to do, always make sure you are looking after your finances first and growing your business in a sensible and steady way.  That will give you better results long term.


online jobs, work from home jobs, how to make money from home, surveys for money, ways to make extra money

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