Five Ways to Reach Your Audience

FIVE WAYS TO REACH YOUR AUDIENCEAs your online customers become more and more sophisticated in their purchasing habits so must you.  People are savvy shoppers, they like to look around before they make a final purchasing decision and if you are failing to engage with them, you’ll never be able to pull them back to your site to buy from you.  So how do you grab their attention and you can draw them back into your world? The answer: CONTENT!

Content is King.  We’ve all heard that before but is it really true?  A recent study showed that content marketing generates 3 times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing, but costs 62% less. It all comes down to the relationship you can build with your prospect by being able to communicate to them and their needs.  You just can’t achieve that with anything other than content marketing.  If you’re are able to position yourself as the person who understands them and can give them the solutions they need, then they have a reason to return to you time and time again.  And guess what, they will!

Publish Your Story To The WorldBut how do you achieve this?  Too many online entrepreneurs are struggling to be heard as they find their niche becomes saturated and they don’t know what to do to stand out from the crowd.  In order to carve out your space in the online jungle and then maintain it, you must maximize all the opportunities available to you to reach your audience and make them into your loyal followers. Once you figure out where your customers are and how to reach them, your following will snowball from there.


Here’s our top five tips:

Your Blog

Your blog is a massive asset.  It is your piece of real estate on the internet.  Done correctly, you can attract organic traffic meaning you don’t even need to pay for advertising.  It is your chance to talk to your customer, to set out your stall and tell the world who you are and why they should listen.  Blogging can be criticized for being outdated as people don’t want to read anymore and to an extent that is true.  But the savvy blogger will simply change the style of their articles into aesthetically pleasing lists and infographics rather than mountains of prose.

They will also ensure that their content is easy to read across devices, capturing the bored commuter on their mobile, the user relaxing on their tablet looking for something interesting to read and the person sitting at their desktop with a particular purpose in mind.

OnlyWire - Promote your blogYour Email

Do not bombard your potential customers with ‘buy now’ emails – they hate them.  Instead get back to basics with the essence of email.  It’s a letter – simple as that.  Think of email as a letter you are going to write to a friend.  It’s going to be warm, friendly and have something meaningful to say.  It will say ‘let me tell you about…’ rather than ‘you must do this now …’.  And you certainly won’t send them several letters a day saying exactly the same thing!

An effective email campaign will build a relationship with your prospects so that they are pleased to see your correspondence in their inbox.  You don’t want it to be deleted or sent to spam without them ever opening it.  You want it to be read and therefore you must craft it in a way that brings a little sunshine into their day and not ‘ oh no, not them again!’

Your Social Media

You want to be available on as many social platforms as you can manage and that your customers actually use.  There’s no point having a massive Pinterest campaign when most of your customers are on SnapChat.  Similarly, there’s no point in having social media campaigns that you don’t really understand how they work or don’t have the time to post to.  Find out where most of your customers are, master one social media platform, optimize it, then move onto try another one.  Test to see how often to post and when to post to get the best results.

Another valuable tip is ensure your images are amazing.  Researchers found that 80% of people are more willing to engage in social media content if there is an image!

Your Video 

Video is massive.  People love it.  There’s nothing they have to read and they can consume it whenever they want.  Video, like a blog becomes another business asset.  Once it’s done, it’s there generating you traffic whilst you sleep.  It allows you to tell people something amazing that will make them want to buy from you and it also lets people get to know you, decide if they like you and think your trustworthy.  Establishing trust with your potential customer is more important than having the best production values.  Although, technology also makes this very easy for you too.

Your Audio

Audio is making a bit of a comeback with the boom in audio books.  People are now more likely to plug in headphones and listen to a book at the gym or have it playing in the car.  This gives you another massive opportunity to reach your audience.  Being able to offer them a free podcast in exchange of an email means that you can use their long drive to visit their Auntie Jean to tell them about how you understand their problem and how you can help them.  Fiverr.comGive them incredible value, no sell, just really good advice that is helpful to their situation.  By the end of the audio you will have established a relationship with the customer so that when you email them later, they are excited to see what you have to say.  Then you can begin to move them along your sales funnel.

And don’t forget, if all this seems really overwhelming, you can use services like Fiverr to outsource much of the work for you.


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