Our Top Tips For Improving Your Sales Funnel

improving your sales funnel

We all know a good sales funnel should get as many customers as possible from initial contact to a sale.  As business people we accept that not everyone who makes contact with us will convert into a sale which is why the metaphor of a funnel works so well as it gets narrower and narrower the further down you go.

It’s a model that’s held for years but the savvy marketer will notice how it is changed as online shoppers spend more time reviewing products and comparing prices before making that purchase.

What this means is that targeting becomes more crucial as the funnel becomes longer.  More than ever before you do not want to pay to have unqualified people in your funnel as the conversion process is now more complex and your cost per acquisition is going to be higher.  So let us try to help you out a bit.

Our Top Tips For Improving Your Funnel

1. Make Use of Targeting Features.

Whether it is Google Adwords or Facebook Ads, you have to make use of the targeting features when setting up your PPC ads.  Ensure you have Google Analytics installed on your website so you can see just who is coming to your site and who is converting.  Where are they from, how old are they, what devices are they using?  The more detailed you can get the more money you will save.

2. Always Collect an Email Address.

Do not pay to get someone to your site and miss the opportunity to capture an email address.  Just because they didn’t convert on this product doesn’t mean they won’t convert on another.  Without an email address, it will be so much harder and more expensive to get them back to your site.  If you don’t have an email auto-responder in place yet then get a free account over at GetResponse or AWeber.

3. Give the Customer What They Want.

Deliver your promises.  If someone opts-in because you told them you would give them something, teach them something then give them it and teach them it.  Don’t go off at a tangent and start talking about a different subject or you will lose them from your funnel.  If you don’t know what they want then survey them and give them exactly what they need.  Be their hero and make them love you.

4. Continue to Give Value

Give, give and then give some more. Romance them if you will.  Have them hang off your every word and make them feel you are the best thing since sliced bread.  You are exactly what they have been looking for.  You are giving them exactly what they need.  But you are also holding something back, something wonderful that you’re not going to share with them … not yet anyway.

5. Then, And Only Then

Pitch your product.  How much easier is it to close if you have got the prospect to the point they are begging you to buy whatever it is you’re selling?  Through the funnel process you will have gathered enough intelligence to know exactly who your customer is, what their problem is and how your product can solve it.  You will have built trust with your customer and positioned yourself as an expert, removing many of the barriers to buying. And if they don’t buy then hey, you have their email to re-market them your next funnel.

6. Keep them Happy

Don’t dump them once you have their cash.  Keep them happy, keep them coming back to you the next time they need help.  Create customers who will be your biggest fans and recommend you to others.  That will save you money acquiring new prospects and allow your business to grow.






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